Compliments & Press

"Thank you for the absolutely yumalicious rum cake. It is the perfect pregnancy food and I think you would have a huge market with pregnant moms if you ever decide to go that route!"
Francesca Vietor

"It was a pleasure to meet you, and enjoy your amazing desserts." 
Michael Agins 

"I can't stop thinking about your Rum Cake, I need to order more to have on hand!" 
Brooke Harlow 

"I have been having dreams about your Rum Cake again." 
Kimberly Bakker

"It's like crack! Everyone in the office keeps going back for one more little bite, very good indeed." 
Dava Guthmiller

"I have a client, Jenna Feinberg, who is requesting one of your famous rum cakes, can you make one?" 
Chef Neil Geller


rum wedding cake